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Returning Sessions


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3 Hours of Drill Work & Fine Tuning To Keep You on Track


Trinity Kicking has attacked the specialist game with a scientific approach and have put together a training regimen that is based off of using a study of physics to maximize mechanical advantage.

These are not copy and paste drills. The Trinity Kicking Drill Period is like no other kicking camp and it will be 2 hours before athletes even look at the uprights or down rage for a punt.

All athletes will be put through a rigorous warm-up and stretch upon commencement of the session. Specialists can expect to kick between 200 and 300 footballs at the sessions. Although this number sounds severe, the Trinity Kicking technique transfers the power source away from a quick twitch tendon based technique that other camps teach and pulls power from larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, and core muscles. This allows athletes to raise their kicking stamina, move their bodies with a more consistent approach, swing with more torque and power, and finish with more flexibility and control.

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Trinity Kicking will put all specialist through a charting period where kicks or punts will be tracked by our staff in real time. Trinity Kicking staff will run the analytics over time to show empirical improvement through data and science. 


Athletes will be filmed from a number of different angles in order to pinpoint the most difficult to identify flaws in technique. This film will be spliced together, slow-motioned, and voiced over by one of our expert coaches and sent to you a few weeks after your session.

Athlete Film Breakdown

(Included in first session. $50 add on for future sessions.)

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