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football kicking workouts




Workout of The Week

 Upper Body 

 Lower Body 

 Core Strength 

 Leg Lifts & Leg Throws 

football kicking workout plans
football kicking workouts
how to get more distance in my kicking

One of the best kicking workouts or punting workouts that you can do at home.
Leg throws and the resistance of letting your legs fall, is the same resistance you use when you are kicking or punting and PREVENTING your body from CRUNCHING into your kick which can cause accuracy and shanks.

There is not a more important group of muscles in a football kicker or football punter than the core. It is 100%  where you drive your power and balance from. The stronger the core, the faster your leg speed, the more compression you get into the ball, and the more balanced and accurate you become. Your core is everything as a kicker, punter, or snapper! Work on it, and get STRONG!

 Barbell & Dumbbell Step Up's 

how to get more distance on my kickoffs

Works on major kicking and punting muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, cardio and helps with balance and is a great kicker workout or punter workout

Make sure to keep your back straight and your head up at all times when performing this weight lifting technique. This is a great exercise and workout to add to your existing weight lifting regimen in order to add a little bit of fun cardio while in the gym. Try adding a little extra knee raise at the top of your lift to add a little more "umph" into your kick.

This is an awesome lift for kickers and punters and is very similar to running stadiums and a great way to get some cardio in while at the gym.

how to get more distance on my punts
how to get more height on my punts
how to get more hangtime on my punts

 Dumbbell Oblique Raises 

The Core is the most important muscle group for your kicking and punting. The obliques are the muscles that sit just outside of your ribs and are vital for torque and balance. For kicking, the obliques is what allows you to torque your hips into your kick  while helping your to resist crunching over your ball, resulting in both power and accuracy. Punters will see a major increase in power and leg speed but most importantly... consistency!

::: Get Your Core Right :::
You won’t believe the difference in your kicking and punting. This is a great workout for specialists to throw in the middle of their workouts!

how to get more hang time on my punts

 Barbell Hip Thrusts 

how to get more height on my kickoffs

Barbell hip thrusts are great for getting your brain connected to your hips. Anytime you can help your brain focus on those complex techniques in a gym atmosphere, you really gain a huge advantage over your competition. Barbell hip thrusts are key in getting your mind connected to your hips but more importantly, the idea of pulling power from those hips and glutes. Start with light weight and strengthen your core while really targeting the gluteous medius and gluteous maximus during this lift. This lift is all about staying in control as you build up the ability to add more weight over time. 

how to get more lift on my field goal kicking

If you do not have a barbell available, try using something different like a yoga ball, couch or bench. Thrust your hips up and squeeze your glutes at the top of the exercise while focusing on keeping that core strong, tight, and stable. Hold this pose and squeeze at the top.

In order to bring your kicking and punting strength goals to the next level you really must focus on all of the different muscle groups that you might not always think of off hand. Hip thrusts are great for kickers and punter and really helps our brain focus up on pulling from our hips.  

 Dumbbell T-raises 

how to kickoff further

 Front Squats 

Dumbbell  T-Raises are a great way to warmup your shoulders before an upper body or arm workout. This is a lift designed for lighter weight and good controlled technique. We recommend using 10lbs. to start. Strengthening your shoulders will help your balance arm stay strong during your kick and allow you to resist and prevent that balance arm from crossing over your body. This will help you to guard against crunching into your kick or crossing over your punts. This is a great kicking workout or punting workout. Shoulders and upper core strength will Improve ACCURACY! 

This is a great lift for kickers or punters. The key is to use light weight with heavy controlled repetitions. 

football kicking workouts

Front squats are great for building up those quads. The more mass you obtain and use in your technique, the easier it is to compress the football as well as speed up your leg swing. You must be careful to not use bad technique or load down too much weight. The key is light weight with proper form so that the strain is not too heavy on your back. Great for more power and hang time. Low weight and high reps is the best practice.

football punting workouts
Workout Lifting Suggestions
(Actual Division 1 Workout Example)
Football kicking workout plan

 Speak with your doctor before following or participating in any nutritional or weightlifing programs. Warmup extensivly before any workout.

Workout For Watching Football Games

  • Kickoff

         25 V-Situps


  • Touchdown​

         Pushup for total points of scoring team


  • Fieldgoal / Extra-point

         25 Situps


  • Interception 

         200 Jumping Jacks


  • First-down

         15 Air-squats


  • Punt

         25 situps


  • Timeout

          Plank for length of Timeout


  • Personal Foul

          20 stationary lunge squats


  • Offsides / False-start

          20 reverse lunges


  • Beer Commercial

          Rotating side crunches for entire commercial



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