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Our staff is devoted to pushing each athlete to reach their peak performance based on macro and micro analytical data collected over decades of training data. We stress hard work from day One, both on the field and in the classroom. We are realistic, and give honest, sincere feedback to athletes, parents, and coaches. We do not sugarcoat our message, nor do we guarantee college spot placement, but we do give athletes the expertise required to help them become their best. We will demand more from our kickers, punters, and snapper than any other kicking camp in the country. HARD WORK BEATS TALENT!

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Head Coach: Joey Fryoux


Joey Fryoux has more than 40 years of teaching and training athletes at all levels of competition. His scientific approach has allowed specialists the ability to reach their goals with a set approach and game-plan.  As a former punter and kicker, he has spent the past twenty years teaching the fundamental techniques required to develop these skills to high school and collegiate athletes. 


Trinity kicking coaches working on field
Trinity Kicking head instructor

Assistant Coach: Conner Fryoux

Conner was a successful NCAA Division I kicker and punter at both ULM and Nicholls State University. Coaching professionals describe Conner's "Easy, flawless punting swing” as “Pure Perfection". Top kicking experts and NFL Special Teams Coordinators recognize him as one of the most “Fundamentally sound and technically efficient” specialists with whom they have ever worked. Conner is also one of the most accurate kickers in the nation, having never missed a competitive kick in his career. Conner has had private workouts with NFL and CFL teams and is a current NFL free agent. When Conner is not on the field, he works as a Sports Physicist advising special teams coaches and as a data scientist and Production Director for Fortune 500 companies such as FOSSIL, TGI FRIDAYS, Sally Beauty, loanDepot and more. Conner takes the approach of data analytics and applies on field results into a science based working plan for athletes to better accelerate their progress while working with Trinity Kicking. 

Trinity Kicking instructor kicking at Florida State

"One of the most consistent combos. Explosive kicking leg combined with flawless punting form"

"Coach Conner has pushed me past my limitations, and prepared me for a journey I never thought I could be on.

"The fact that my coach can come out on the field with me and kick makes grasping tough form concepts so much easier!"

Trinity Kicking strength coach
Trinity Kicking mental strength coach

Mental Toughness Coach: Eddie Palubinskas


Eddie Palubinskas is a world-class athlete who holds 5 Guinness World Records for basketball shooting and is recognized as the world’s greatest free-throw shooter of all time. He has coached multiple professional athletes and several national teams around the world. Eddie played basketball at LSU before being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1975. He also went on to play in 2 consecutive Olympics for Australia. His mental strengthening programs have helped shooters like Shaquille O’Neal, Brandon Bass, and Dwight Howard. He now runs his own basketball camps in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is bringing his own mental toughness expertise to Trinity Kicking. He will teach athletes to block out all external distractions and master pressure situations while performing proficiently in stressful situations. The resulting improvement in concentration and focus will help bring your kicking to the next level. Confident, controlled kickers are reliable kickers. Coach Palubinskas’ mental toughness seminars will be held once a month and is included with a 3 week package.

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Assistant Strength and Nutrtional Coach: Normand Landeche


Norman Landeche IV is a personal fitness coach from New Orleans, Louisiana. Norman's personal and professional interests are exercise performance and nutrition, conditioning, and human movement. He graduated with his B.S. In Kinesiology from Louisiana State University in 2015 and prior to coaching, Normand had a sucessful career in football, baseball, and cross country running.  

Head Strength Coach: Chris Melancon


Chris Melancon is a certified personal trainer of athletes and an ASFA certified sports nutritionalist. Chris is currently training athletes of all sports out of Red Stick Fitness in his home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Chris focuses in strength and muscle hypertrophy in young athletes. Coach Chris has placed in many bodybuilding competitions and is still currently training and competing in bodybuilding competions all over the country. Chris stresses working smarter and harder while eating healthy as the best way to transform athletes bodies naturally. He will be writing workout plans, nutritional programs, as well as advising Trinity Athletes in their quest to transform their bodies into elite athletic physiques. 

Kicker strength training an football kicker workouts are a major focus at Trinity Kicking
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