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Program Builder

Your Athletes & Coaches Join or Host a

Trinity Kicking session


Film Breakdown

Trinity Kicking Coaches Breakdown Practice film for technical flaws and drill work solutions



Coach on Staff

2 Weeks of Trinity Kicking Coaches implemented into your staff and practices

Let's Partner

Q&A meetings and presentations on how to handle your specific needs. (Remote or Onsite)


Let's Talk


Coaches have spoken and we Listened! 

"What Coaches are saying about the Trinity Program"

2 Day Sessions

"My program does not have the luxury of having a coach on staff who knows the fundamentals of kicking. Trinity was our answer to a serious problem." 


—  Texas, Head Coach

Program Builder



1-2 days of intense training for coaches and athletes.

(3-4 visits each year)


This program is designed to create a pipeline of skilled kickers and punters for your high school teams. In this setting, we work with your entire program including your varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and even your feeder middle school athletes who may be just entering the world of competitive kicking.

Trinity Kicking
Trinity Kicking
Trinity Kicking

Trinity Kicking trains your "Core" 1 - 2 sessions 4 times a year. This builds up your young guns and develops leaders and program coaches that grows into a culture.

Trinity Kicking

Graduation, Injury, or Poor Grades

Veterans and varsity kickers are experienced, consistent and confident game-time performers. Understands the work ethic and leads the young guns by example and coaching.

Expected or Unexpected, there is no need to stress or run to the soccer team looking for last minute replacements. You have grown a core of young men with a culture of hard work.


Trinity Kicking will provide the Quick-setup guide for your filming session with all of the angles, distances, and device settings for your smartphone or tablet.  

Athlete Film Breakdown

Film Breakdown

our mission to meet your expectations
This program is designed to create a pipeline of skilled kickers and punters for your high school teams. In this setting, we work with your entire program including your varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and even your feeder middle school athletes who may be just entering the world of competitive kicking. When your school loses its starting kicker to graduation, injury, or other circumstances, you will have a skilled athlete to take his place without your team having to change the course you have set for your special teams game planning. 

How other kicking camps work
Currently, kickers and punters are left to there own devices in seeking a suitable instructor to help them develop their skills. Most will attend "kicking camps" in one area of the country or another. These camps on average cost them anywhere from $350 to $500 or more plus travel and expenses. The camps are competition based events in which kickers and punters are asked to perform and the best move on in the competition. The athletes that get cut stand around and watch, sometimes for as long as two hours or more. There will be as many as 50 to 150 kids on the field at one time. These competition based events thrive on the premise that their organization is the best way to earn a scholarship to a university. Sometimes, for the elite athletes who attend, this process works as promised, but that is true for only the top few kickers or punters attending. What is also true, is that none of these athletes are taught the skills needed to improve their status and capabilities. There is no teaching or technical training at these events and if you are not one of the best you are all but ignored. We Are Not That Type of Organization!


What sets us apart
We limit our sessions to either 10 kickers or 10 punters at one time - 10 kickers in the morning and 10 punters in the evening. This assures that each athlete receives individualized attention. Our sessions are 'Station Based' much lot like most football practices. Each athlete will be paired up and go through 5 stations with each station designed to break down the kicking motion. Since the stations are designed to address fundamental techniques, athletes will learn to analyze and "fix" themselves, thus reducing the chances of a prolonged slump. One such station is the Trinity Film Cage, where athletes are surrounded by high definition cameras. Later that same week, the athletes will receive their film broken down with freeze frames, slow motion, and multiple angles. This film will have been analyzed by our coaches and will include a voiceover from our head instructor describing the fine points of what can be addressed and corrected. The athlete and his coaching staff will be given a program of drills designed to address these deficiencies and to improve their overall form and technique.

Where and why

This program is held at your facilities, in the athletes' neighborhood, so that they can be in their own environment.  Each program builder consists of 2 sessions over a 3 day span. Since this program is station based with very little idle time, athletes will be kicking 3 full hours each session. The 2nd day is used as a resting day for the athletes to revitalize their legs while the Trinity Kicking coaches will sit down and meet with your staff. We will then resume our kicking session on day 3. Once the sessions are finished we, as an organization, do not just disappear. Each athlete and coach who participates in our program will receive ongoing support and help through film analysis, technical help, nutritional programs, weight lifting programs, flexibility and core strength workouts, a message board to communicate with all of our other Trinity Athletes, and a way to message our coaching staff. If an athlete develops an issue or problem with his motion and technique, he may send a short video to our coaches which we will break down and help him adjust.

Trinity Kicking is a year-round organization that shows improvement in our athletes very quickly. Significant improvement and a resulting positive influence on your special teams can be made in fall camp or even during the season. Spring training, summer work outs, and other off season sessions are also available.It is never too late to improve your special teams. Send us a message with your desired dates and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Those schools having trouble finding 10 kickers and 10 punters may want to consider partnering with other schools in the area. Our fee for this dynamic and unique teaching experience is $3000 ($150 per athlete). Call or e-mail us now to schedule your session. It could mean a big difference in the success of your season.

High School football kicking consulting at Trinty Kicking
Learn how this program can be used as a fundraiser for your Athletic Program

For More Information Please Contact Trinity Kicking:

Office Phone: 225-413-5792
Cell Phone : 225-955-2446


Or message us below!

A Kicking coach helps high school football coaches and players.
What your athletes will receive from our program


Your athletes will participate in two workouts over three days totaling six hours of on field drills and instruction. Athletes participating will also receive:


  • Individual Film Breakdown with Voiceover Analysis

  • Charting for Both Kicking and Punting

  • Daily Workout Plan for both Disciplines

  • Mental Strength and Self Analysis Training

  • Trinity Kicking T-Shirts

  • Password to enter the Trinity Den

  • Weigh lifting and nutritional programs

  • Constant accessibility to our professional staff

A kicking coach near me is not had to find with Trinity Kicking camps all over.

Check out how Longview High School used the Trinity Kicking Program Builder to help their athletes, their staff, and used the program as a fundraiser to buy new uniforms!

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It doesn't hurt to talk.

Call us or send us an email with attachments.

Coach Joey - 225.413.5792

Coach Conner  - 225.955.2446


Program Builder Fee $3000

Checks may be made out to "Trinity Kicking" and mailed to 14330 Caribbean Drive, Gonzales, LA 70737. All checks must clear before sessions start.

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Have an experience with Trinity Kicking that you would like to share with us? We thrive on Coaches feedback and are always making adjustments to give your athletes the most out of our program. Please send your feedback to or message us on our contact page.

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