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Trinity Elite Training

All-Inclusive All-American Training

This program is for the most Elite kickers and punters in the nation who eat, sleep, and breath their specialty. This is the most intense training regimen in the country. For three or five days you will receive all encompassing training. From the moment you wake up in our housing unit, you will have the most nutritious food prepared by our staff. You will lift weights in our state of the art weight room, conduct various pool workouts in one of our six swimming pools, as well as personalized on field training for your specialty. Film review and mental strengthening seminars will also be given during your stay as well as keys to the recruiting process. This program allows you to cut out the rest of the world and all outside distractions so that you may solely focus on one thing,

Getting Better! 

Live in our resort style apartment complex. Ammenities include:

  • Full Size Bed

  • Sauna

  • Playstation / Xbox / Theater Room

  • Pool Table

  • Starbucks Machine

  • Computers with Wifi

  • Yoga Room

State of the art weight room and weight training. Athletes will recieve training from one of our head coaches, showing athletes what a normal day in the weight room should look like. This is not a cake walk and will be an intense 1 hour and 15 minute session. Athletes will learn how to push themselves and keep their heart rates up during liting session. Learn how to get  the most out of a workout and apply it when you get back your gym.


  • Yoga Studio

  • Free Weights

  • Machine Weights

  • TPX Bands

  • Cardio Machines and Bikes  

  • Core Strengthening Equipment

Athletes will learn different swimming strokes to work on specific muscles to not only strengthen but rehabilitate after long kickings days. Using water resistance, athletes will learn pool excercises to make their muscles more explosive and flexible. When not training, athletes will have a chance to relax in one of our SIX resort style swimming pools.

Athletes will be fed the highest quality meats and produce to increase their metabolism and get the most out of their workouts. Athletes will receive nutritional plans and learn how to prepare easy dishes that they can prepare at home. Athletes will be fed 5 times a day including 3 meals and 2 snacks.  Athletes will be able to make themselves at home with full access to the fridge and pantry in case they wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own protein powders or suplements that their physicians or strength coaches may have them regimented on.

3 Day Elite Package

This 3 day package will include:

  • 9 Meals and 6 Snacks*

  • 2  Personalized Kicking or Punting Sessions

  • 1 Weight Lifting Session

  • 1 Pool Workout

  • Nutrition / Weight Training Booklet 

  • 2 Films and 1 Film Session

5 Day Elite Package

This 5 day package will include:

  • 15 Meals and 10 Snacks*

  • 3  Personalized Kicking or Punting Sessions

  • 2 Weight Lifting Sessions

  • 2 Pool Workouts

  • Nutrition / Weight Training Booklet 

  • 3 Films and 2 Film Sessions

Cozy Den
One on One Attention
Film Review
Lap Pool
Cardio Room
Yoga Room
Weight Room
Dallas, TX
Resort and Workout Pools

We will respond shortley

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