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Football Kicking Equipment and Gear

Custom Highlight Recruitment Film
High School Highlight tapes that show college coaches recruiting

Let our trained professional video personnel create the ultimate recruiting tool for you or your athlete. Our team knows exactly what coaches at the collegiate and professional levels are looking for. Coaches are not interested in explosions and special effects, nor do coaches want to see every kick from an athlete's career. If coaches are not impressed in the first thirty seconds they tend to not bother with the rest of the highlight film. Our staff will create a visually appealing short video that will highlight all the virtues of an athlete's ability. We will put your best foot forward as well as include your GPA, Desired Major, ACT/SAT Scores, Season Stats, Accolades, and Contact Information in video. Send us an email with your information, as well as the desired footage. Trinity Kicking will cut and edit the film to what our staff believes will give the athlete the best possible recruiting advantage. If you are not satisfied with what our team puts together, we will do it over until you are happy with your tape. Allow Trinity Kicking to create your highlight film for a fast and easy way to get your name out to coaching staffs across the country. Trinity Kicking will also post your highlight recruitment film to our Youtube page accessible by every College and NFL coach in the country.


We have Kicking Tshirts
Trinity Kicking T-Shirts

Gildan 5.6oz Ultra Blend 50/50 with Trident and Trinity Logo. Show pride in all of your hard work in our official Trinity Kicking session shirts. Lightweight and comfortable, these shirts are affordable, stylish, and feel great after a long day on the field.


kicking tees and kicking stands for sale.

Size: M / L / XL

Trinity Field Goal Stand

Lightweight freestanding field goal kicking stands. Trinity Kicking use these durable stands at all of their kicking sessions. Very affordable, these stands can pull apart into three pieces, making it easy to stow away in a bag, and be reassembled in an instant. Get two or three to practice quick attacking kicks without having to move a stand at every kick. 




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