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Trinity Kicking is the highest rated kicing camp in the country



"Where Trinity Kicking Athletes Are Born Out of Hard Work"

The hardest working day you will ever experience in order to learn the proper techniques and work ethic it takes to be successful

In-Season sessions designed to TEACH the most scientifically proven techniques to athletes while driving the work ethic it takes to be successful in all aspects of kicking, you WILL learn how to work!

"Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn't Work Hard"

Spring is the time to grow as a specialist. Trinity Kicking Off-Season Training sessions are designed to teach the scientifically proven methods of kicking and punting. Our staff at Trinity Kicking teaches specialists to kick using their entire bodies while maximizing their body's fulcrum and strengthening their minds through a number of mental focusing drills. These sessions are not designed to pit specialists against each other but rather to focus on drill work and perfecting an athlete's technique and form. We limit these training sessions to 10 athletes max. This is to ensure each athlete gets the individualized instruction that they need and deserve. These sessions are like no other camps in the country. We get results and we get results quickly! 

What's Included

  • 3 + hour INTENSE Training Session.

  • Weight Training Regiment.

  • Nutritional Plan.

  • Film.

  • Film breakdown and review by our staff that you get to keep and learn from.

  • Practice Plan.

  • Mental Strengthening Tools.

  • Trinity Kicking T-Shirt.

  • Recruitment Guidance.

  • Trinity Kicking Warm-Up.

  • Constant contact with our staff.


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