The Ultimate Guide to Football Visits, Official and Unofficial

The Call

Who should you call? Ask for the individual in charge of recruiting (Usually the Recruiting Coordinator). Ask them what would be the best time to visit campus on an unofficial visit for a kicker or a punter. How do I get their number? GOOGLE IT! How do you do anything in life? Usually go to the athletic page and find an email and send an email to the coach or find a phone number to the athletic department. Chances are, you will get a secretary who can connect you to the correct person. If they are rude and unhelpful, be polite, and then call every single day or week and hope that your kindness and effort pays off.

What Questions should you already have answers for?

  1. What position you play

  2. What's your grade point average

  3. What town are you from

  4. What school do you go to

  5. What are your stats

  6. What do you want to major in


The Visit

What to Know and Expect when taking a college visit

Unofficial Vs. Official Visits

Unofficial Visits:

  1. Unofficial Visit - is any visit prior to your senior year.

  2. You are more scouting out the school than the football program: Make sure that you are comfortable with the campus, class size, distance from home, etc.

  3. You have unlimited unofficial visits.

  4. You are entirely responsible for all costs: i.e. Travel, lodging, food, etc.

  5. Coaches can coordinate travel but cannot pay.

  6. Athletes may stay with a player/member of the team or with any other student or family.

  7. You may be invited to a practice.

  8. You cannot tryout or participate in practice.

Official Visits: