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Lose the Crunch in your Football Kicking & Punting Technique

Trinity Kicking's coaches first major point when you attend a kicking camp is that nothing is more important than your follow through. At Trinity Kicking our goal is to not add a bunch of extra motions into your football kicking swing or punting technique, but instead to simplify and eliminate as much as possible in order to make replicating the same motion easy.

Kicking Follow through is Key
If a picture is taken of your follow through, a coach should not be able to tell rather or not you just kicker a ball or punted a ball.

Tip 302: Losing the Crunch

Crunching will prevent you from having a good follow through. Your body will prevent your leg from getting any higher than your hips. A football kicker or football punter who has even the slightest crunch will see a dramatic loss in power, compression, and most importantly Accuracy. Most of all, as your leg begins to wear down and slow up from the season, and although the distance and lift might not be as good as it was, your follow through will continue to keep your ball on a straight accurate path.

"Crunching will prevent you from having a good follow through."

There is a science of kicking and punting a football. You must learn to maximize your body and it starts with engaging the larger muscles groups. Crunching prevents your core or upper body from being involved into your kick. It also jams yourself into your kick. Watch this video to help your football kicking technique and football punting technique.



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