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Football Kicking Instruction

By The Best Kicking Coaches In The Industry

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Trinity Kicking offers the most technologically advanced kicking camps in the country. At Trinity, each athlete will be taken step-by-step through a detailed and thorough analysis of their own film, and will be critiqued and developed by our professional kicking and punting instructors. We use measurable data to show improvement throughout the time we spend with each athlete. Our staff utilizes each specialists' analytical statistics to tailor a workout plan unique to that individual athlete. Each athlete will be given specific, personalized analysis and instruction on the field. All will be provided with a plan for improvement in areas of their strength and relative weakness through a combination of exercises, processes of practice, and practical drills. Parents and coaches will be provided the time for direct dialog with our staff following each session, allowing for real-time notes on the progress of their athlete. They will be informed of the drills and exercises assigned to that individual, receive a professional in-depth analysis, and a projection of that athlete’s capabilities, expected progress, work ethic, and perceived dedication level.


This program will be both physically AND mentally demanding. The objective of this approach is to help the athlete progress at the most accelerated and effective rate ‘for them’. These kicking sessions are not designed for exposure or competition, but to maximize the potential of any individual kicker. Let Trinity Kicking help you turn your ‘potential’ into ‘ability’.

When you or your athlete are ready to move on to the next level, our trained professional video personnel will create the ultimate recruiting film for you to get discovered. Our Team knows exactly what coaches at the collegiate and professional levels are looking for. Allow Trinity Kicking to create your highlight film for a fast and easy way to get your name out to coaching staffs across the country. Trinity Kicking will also post your highlight recruitment film to our Youtube page, making it accessible to every College and NFL coach in the country.  For more information about Trinity Kicking's highlight recruitment film contact us or
click here. 

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This is an Off-Season Program
(Spring & Summer)


This is a very intense Off-Season Training  session for serious athletes. You will meet in a small group setting (10 max) with each session lasting three or more hours. Trinity Kicking would like to stress that this package is for those who are committed to reaching their potential. If you are not willing to work and push yourself as hard as we ask our athletes, our program will expose you. We do not want to waste anyone’s time and money, therefore, we stress that all kicker's work ethic be at an all-time high. Charting, filming, data analysis, film break down, individualized attention, mental strengthening seminars, and drill work, will all be included in this package.




Trinity Kicking
(Year Round)


These sessions are even more individualized and tailored to the individual athlete. Athletes perform drill work and receive on-field film with instant analysis.Trinity Kicking staff charts athletes at the beginning of the session as well as at the end of the session. This approach illustrates the progress attained in just one day. This three-hour day is highly demanding, as the athlete will kick at a constant rate for extended periods. Personalized one-on-one sessions dramatically  benefit a wide variety of kickers at different levels of experience. Specialist seeking to perfect their technique - high school kickers looking to earn a college scholarship, college athletes looking to contribute to the success of their team, those looking for post-collegiate training , and true beginners looking to become kickers or punters - agree these sessions are an investment in their future. See how more work, in a more structured and personalized environment can show huge returns for you.



Trinity Kicking
(Fall, Spring, & Summer Training)


This plan is designed for athletes interested in entering the world of football specializing in the kicking game. One-day events will offer insight into the demands of this specialty, as well as the huge rewards it provides through hard work and perseverance. Athletes experience all the drills and exercises first-hand to learn the high degree of commitment required to become their best. Competition in this specialty is tough, and requires great mental and physical fortitude - this event can unveil the athlete's inner strength and help set him on a new, more direct path for his future. One Day Events must be approved by the Trinity Kicking staff before signing up as space for all camps is extremely limited. This event is designed to unlearn and undo any bad habits developed over time. 





Trinity Kicking
Trinity Kicking


Trinity Kicking will come to your campus and run a 3 day program tailored to your special team's needs. Trinity will take 10 kickers and 10 punters from your varsity, junior varsity, fresman, and feeder middle school teams to create a "pipeline" of consistent specialist for years to come. Athletes will perform drill work in a station based program that will give your staff and your athletes a practice plan to follow for the entire year. Your athletes wil each be filmed in the Trinity Cage and recieve a copy containing a voice over from our Trinity Kicking coaches. In addition to the High school 3 day specialist program, specialist will each be given a password to the Trinity Den that gives athletes a workout regimen, nutritional program, a way to chat with other Trinity Athletes, as well as communitcate with coaches and staff year round. This program is much more than just a 3 day football camp. Learn how this program can help your staff prepare for the fall Click Here.   

Trinity Kicking


One day competition camps are designed to build confidence for athletes while identifying the best specialists in the country in the most fair and accurate way possible. You will receive ample kicks to be measured by (Usually around 50 charted kicks) accurately measuring athletes within a 2% +/- differential. Trinity Kicking will be hosting regional competitions all around the country making it easy for athletes to attend for a fraction of the cost  that other camps charge. The top tier athletes from these regional competition camps will advance to the national camp over the summer at a centralized location. Regional camps will be hosted in the winter so that athletes will still be in in-season forum in order to get an accurate look at athletes. The national camp will be held at the end of the summer just before athletes attend their teams fall camps. This is when athletes legs are most fresh and technique and form are set and ready for the season. This is a fantastic time to get on college coaches radars by sending film to multiple colleges.

$150 Regional
$300 National
Trinity Kicking


This program is for the most Elite kickers and punters in the nation who eat, sleep, and breath their specialty. This is the most intense training regimen in the country. For three or five days you will receive all encompassing training. From the moment you wake up in our housing unit, you will have the most nutritious food prepared by our staff. You will lift weights in our state of the art weight room, conduct various pool workouts in one of our six swimming pools, as well as personalized on field training for your specialty. Film review and mental strengthening seminars will also be given during your stay as well as keys to the recruiting process. This program allows you to cut out the rest of the world and all outside distractions so that you may solely focus on one thing, Getting Better! 



Trinity Kicking works on kickers becoming more flexible through kicker specific workouts, drills, and warmups.

Training Sessions

Training sessions designed to TEACH the most scientifically proven techniques to athletes while driving the work ethic it takes to be successful in all aspects of kicking, you WILL learn how to work!

Trinity Kicking Kicker, Punter, and Longsnapper walk out of the tunnel at the Univerist of Oregon ready to play. Trinity Kickin produces the top division 1 kickers an punters.


Tune-Up Sessions

Clean up sessions designed to focus on fine-tuning form in combination with light technical touchups and heavy mental strengthening.

Trinity Kicking answers the question of how to get better follow through in my kicking by perfecting the science of a one step kick drill.


Regional competition camps that pit specialists against each other in order to qualify for the week long National Camp.

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