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Trinity Kicking Camps

Instructional Kicking & Punting Camps

Hard Work Forged

Science Based

Results Driven


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Training Sessions

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3 Hours of Agony

To Accomplish

A Lifetime of Dreams


Trinity Kicking will push you harder than you ever thought was possible. These kicking camps are not like any other in the industry and will reveal to you what it takes to achieve your dreams. This is not just a kicking camp, rather a football camp where you kick. You will be tired, you will be sore, but you will get better. Commit to Trinity Kicking and your dreams will be Earned!

Hard Work Beats Talent


Trinity Kicking doesn't just tell athletes how to kick a football, we explain why. Proven by science, we have an unarguable technique that teaches kickers and punters how to analyze their own kicks so that athletes can fix themselves. We know there is little guidance from coaches, other kicking coaches, and online. Learn the Proven Science of Kicking.

You Can't Argue With Science


Trinity Kicking has earned the respect of college football coaches and recruiters with our honesty and non-biased evaluation. We don't sell parents and athletes on a made up kicker ranking system with a pay to play mentality, similar to the rest of the industry. Trinity Kicking is in line with college coaches by basing our values on game statistics and film that are earned by the athlete and Recognized by college recruiters 


by Top Colleges

What Can We Accomplish Together

Group Training

Trinity Kicking Sessions are limited to no more than 10 kickers or 10 punters at a time. Place kickers and punters are never mixed in order to maximize the focus on a particular discipline. 

Why Trinity Kicking?

Science Video

The Trinity Kicking Difference

The Trinity Kicking Journey

The Trinity Kicking Science

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A Trinity Kicker works on accuracy drills by kickig at the uprigts.

Training Sessions

Training sessions designed to TEACH the most scientifically proven techniques to athletes while driving the work ethic it takes to be successful in all aspects of kicking, you WILL learn how to work!

Trinity Kicking Kicker, Punter, and Longsnapper walk out of the tunnel at the Univerist of Oregon ready to play. Trinity Kickin produces the top division 1 kickers an punters.


Tune-Up Sessions

Clean up sessions designed to focus on fine-tuning form in combination with light technical touchups and heavy mental strengthening.

Trinity Kicking answers the question of how to get better follow through in my kicking by perfecting the science of a one step kick drill.



Recruiting trips designed to give athletes the opportunity to take college visits and personally hand college coaching staffs their game film, statistics, and test scores.

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Wizard Kicking Stands trust Trinity Kicking as the best kicking camp in the country for young kickers.
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